Who Me???

Who Me???

Who Me? Belly Dance!!! You Must Be Joking!
by Anala

No, I’m not! If you have been searching for an exciting way to gain strength, flexibility, grace and lose weight at the same need to come and check us out.

What is belly dance?
A derivation of women’s dances from the Middle East and North Africa. Women have always danced at parties, rites of passage, and family gatherings. That belly dance developed from social dancing helps explain its long lasting popularity. Belly dance offers women a community of friends that share and celebrate joy in music, and creates self confidence in artistic self expression in an art form that embraces all body types and ages.

Why should I try it?
Belly dance is natural to a woman’s bone and muscle structure. The movements center on the torso rather than the legs and feet, as is common in Western dance. The belly dancer isolates parts of her body to move independently in a feminine interpretation of the music. This gives the dancer a low impact, yet effective and fun workout.

Yes...but, what do I wear?
It is best to go barefoot. Our floors are smooth suspended wood, so it feels great. Some dancers prefer a special sandal made for dancing. You can wear gym clothes that cover you from head to foot if you like, but it is best to allow yourself to see your torso as you learn the movements. A scarf about the hipline (torso covered or not) should be worn to monitor the correctness of hip movement as well. You will be amazed at how comfortable you will begin to feel in your own body when you rediscover your natural feminine grace---whatever your size or age.