Testimonials regarding Amaya

2003 by Chelle of Tampa, Florida

There's a Dancer named Amaya
Who sets the stage on "Fiya."
She dances with grace and with flare,
All those Wannabees better beware!
She'll give you a show that thrills
If you're lucky, she'll break out her zills.
Like a Chili Pepper she's hot.
If you think you're as good, well you're
Her style is Fierce and Bold,
She'll probably never look old.
When she dances, she gives you Feevah,
What else can I say...She's a Diva!

October 2010
Kashani of Mas-Uda
Las Vegas Intensive workshop: 
Ever since Amayaguena came out, I’ve wanted to meet and learn from Amaya.  She did not disappoint.  Among her handouts was a sheet of information about the background and history of this dance style.  I really appreciate this sort of information.  Amaya presented a wonderful, dynamic choreography and I loved her personality and her attention to the roots of the dance.  We had ample opportunity to practice moving the fan veils and the room was a swirl of colors!!  However, the room was a bit small for a prop dance, so I didn’t feel quite as free as I might have to really extend my arms and draw out the movement of the fan veils.  I would definitely take workshops from Amaya again!
"Now I know what a quality BD workshop is." We (MEDA/New Orleans) found Amaya to be open, warm and entertaining. The joy she expressed while discussing the dance and performing was contagious. It made me want to work harder to be a better dancer! I wish she would be my mentor!!!! We were all hoping you would bring her back for her gypsy style!

Kristina H. Kelly

Of course you can! (use the quote). "We" would be "Kristina and the MissiHippy Dancers"
Kristina Kelly

Dear Amaya,

This is Jewel in Dallas. I got your video and all of my 165 ninth grade students watched it. What a hit! They loved the music and dance of gypsy culture. They had so much fun trying to snap their fingers and clap as fast as the dancers in the video. It caught their attention because it was so real. It also opened their eyes and sparked conversation about the differences in our cultures. They were able to see the importance of family, the size of families, the difference in our values with respect to youth and our definitions of what is "beautiful". We learned new words in Spanish - zapato, cruz, luna, cuevas. We learned about Geography and history in southern Spain. I couldn't have asked for better success! Thanks again for putting this out there. Your documentary taught them so much and presented the material in a way that truly engaged their minds - an awesome feat when dealing with 14 year olds! You're the best!

July 27, 2004

Dear Ms. Amaya!

It was so nice learning different belly dance moves from you at your Minneapolis workshop, sponsored by Margo O'Dell. I enjoyed your CD & videos--they definitely helped me to be a better belly dancer. Thank you so much for sharing your infectious humor, vibrant energy, fluid movements and wonderful spirit---thank you for sharing a little bit of your soul. May you be well and happy always! Sincerely,

Su Chuen N

Just a note to thank you again for the Magic that is you. Since my return I have never felt better about my dance. Somehow a little spirit dancer is emerging and it is noticeable. You gave me back my 'happy' and I really don't know how to thank you. You are such an inspiration to me. I am so darned proud of my award too! The Leaping Iguana No Belly one. It is proudly displayed here in my studio area. I worked really hard to get myself to a better place all the way around and I just beam when I see the award certificate. It makes me want to keep on going forward and also humbles me. So thank you, thank you, thank you.I only wish I could work with you more often! Take good care and happy healing to you too..

Dona of Detroit Area

Amaya did a workshop in Lexington, KY this weeknd and I can best sum the experience up by saying, "WOW!"

Not only is Amaya an absolutely gorgeous dancer, but she managed to teach such a vast amount of subject matters in the time she had that I felt my money was very well spent. The smount of space available was small for the turn out, but she was sure to have us switch places periodically so that everyone had a chance to see her.

Her performance was so electrifying that it refreshed my love for the dance (oh, I have so much more to learn!). Seeing Amaya this one time made me want to move to New Mexico to study from her.

If any of you ever get the chance to attend one of her workshops, I strongly recommend you do so.


Dear Amaya,

I wanted to thank you so much for coming to Dayton to teach and perform for the weekend. This past weekend was my first seminar, my first belly dancing experience, my first dance class. It was so incredible! My sister has been dancing for quite a while and she convinced me to attend the weekend seminar. I have to admit I was apprehensive and concerned I would be the only person there with absolutely no experience. (If you remember, I was the one who asked you how to shimmy, because I had no clue!)

You were such a great instructor and made it so much fun! After you explained the shimmy, I had it down in just a few minutes. I have been practicing the dance moves you taught us, and already signed up for local classes. I am so excited to be a part of this now, and you were such a great influence in that.

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you did here during the whole weekend, and what an amazing dancer I think you are. Thank you so much for all that you taught me, showed me, and instilled in me. I hope you are planning more trips to Dayton.


Lara Serey

Greetings Maria!

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your classes and your spectacular performances! I've been to several workshops that had performance stars teach classes, and I must say that finding a combination of Master performer and teacher in one person is very rare---and I think you are one of those precious gems!! I've never learned so much in just two days--can't wait to share with my troupe and students! Thanks again for sharing so much of your energy, knowledge and talents with us--you are amazing!!!

Many blesssings,

Anne (Inanna) Lobdell


I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed the Dayton seminar. You are an excellent teacher and a wonderful performer. For a while, I was worried that all seminars were more choreography than technique, but the past few (you, Cassandra, Daliah, Elena) have emphasized technique. I would MUCH rather learn technique than a choreography that I will more than likely forget in a few weeks anyhow. So, thank you again for a really great seminar.

I would like to get on your mailing list for the Shake and Bake. I'm hoping to make it next year, although I really wish I could see the Corn Dance this year. Thanks!

Wendy Dunning

August 2003

When I first saw you move and dance at the workshop in DeWitt, Mi, I told you I was blown away because your movement expressed what I felt..I have seen many belly dancers and Latin dancers too but only you could interpret what I felt..It was the most inspiring dance moment of my life.

Besos, mi queida amiga

Dona Dukey

Hello Amaya!

I was one of your students this past weekend in Minneapolis. I didnt say thank you in person, so I am writing my thanks! I found that several of your messages affirmed what I feel so intensely in my own heart:

  • Dance is for everyone, it is an expression of joy, in the expressing of which we access our joy.
  • Dance as improv ---I often choose that approach and, though it can be unsettling in the moment, I know it is my way.
Thank you for offering so many ideas and tricks. I learned a lot.

I also loved that you taught us in the moment. You are a goddess of flow!

(one of the gray-haired goddesses )


Although you were not my first teacher, you were the first teacher I had (from that first private where I
was clueless) that made me feel that me doing this was possible and most importantly, that I could draw upon my cultural heritage and the cultures of others that were non-Egyptian and legitimately perform the dance and make it mine.  You brought relevance and meaning to the dance for me and cemented my purpose.  In addition to how you dance, the ease and flow of your movements which are SUCH a motivator for me.  So, you saw what I was doing.

Mia Naja

Colombia, Maryland