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Belly dance is a dance that belongs to all women, and can be done by any age, as it is low-impact and does not require a thin figure or youth to execute an impactful presentation. Traditionally, the moves were shown to young women by older women showing them what it means to be a woman, with special emphasis on childbearing exercises.


  Laverne Moon Class AD

Ladies!  It is time to dance & burn some calories!!! 

6 pm Thursdays---Manzano Multi-Generational Recreation Center, Southeast Albuquerque
  • 501 Elizabeth St. SE ABQ   (Directions   I-40 east, go South of Eubank exit, Left at Southern (there is a traffic light here), 2 blocks east to Elizabeth Manzano Rec Center is on right on SW corner of Elizabeth & Southern intersection.
  • Classes 50 minutes long.
  • Manzano Class Fees:

         $2.50---Little Dance Divas (3 - 12 yrs. odl)        

    $10 ---Drop-in Class or Pay-As-You-Go
    4 classes                   $50/10 classes 
         $50/4 weeks .... Mother/Daughter duos     

    ***Plus NM tax applies

Bellydance is a dance that belongs to all women, and can be done by any age, as it is low-impact and does not require a thin figure or youth to execute an impactful presentation. Traditionally, the moves were shown to young women by older women showing them what it means to be a woman, with special emphasis on childbearing exercises.


"Waist Away!"

"Wise Women DO Bellydance!"

Ph:  (505) 280-3638      Email:  AmayaDances@gmail.com
For women of all sizes and shapes


Amaya teaches in Albuquerque (Group Class)  & Cedar Crest (Private Lessons), New Mexico.

Her teaching strengths are:

  • Intensive Basic Technique for all levels (appropriate for all styles of Belly Dance, i.e., Raqs Sharqi, Tribal, all fusions)  Good cardio workout!  Plus Dance routines and choreographies, cultural insights, costuming tips, nutrition info, plus fun philosophy!
  • Danza Mora (the fusion combination of Feminine Arabic and Passionate Spanish Gypsy Style)
  • Coaching through Consultations and Private Lessons for upcoming Professional Dancers.  Fees begin at $65/hr. or  $150/3 private lesson package.  
  • Attention out of town dancers:  discounted lodging available during your private studies with Amaya.  See: www.TurquoiseMoonRoom.com

For women of all sizes and shapes

Younger women are still welcome...  ;-)

Wear something comfortable to stretch in.
T-shirts, soft pants, long skirts OK. Soft shoes or bare feet OK.                Please no tennis shoes.
Hip scarves will be available.
First class only $5...Come visit us!

Email AmayaDances@gmail.com or call 505.280.3638 to register.


1. By Email: To pay by credit card Send your cc number in two separate halves in two separate emails  for security reasons. Remember to include expiration date and also your CREDIT CARD billing address!  Or call to leave your info with Amaya's assistant, (505 280-3638.


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2. By Phone: 505.280.3638  Call in your credit card info on our secure phone line -- OR ---
3. By PayPal: Go to PayPal.com and enter <AmayaDances@gmail.com> to pay directly into the account.
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4. By Mail: You can pay by check or money order (U.S. Funds please) and mail to address below.

PO Box 205
Cedar Crest, NM 87008

Ph:  505.280.3638
Email:  AmayaDances@gmail.com


Belly Dance is both a celebration of the female spirit and a physical display of the strength and beauty of women of all sizes, ages, and shapes. Its roots can be traced to the rituals of past matriarchal cultures and the secular entertainments that evolved as the Gypsies traveled throughout India, Central Asia, The East, North Africa and Spain. It celebrates the pure joy of movement and rediscovering the body with natural moves. This dance can burn up to 400 calories/hr. This estimate will vary depending on the intensity of your dancing. Combined with a healthy diet, Belly Dance can without a doubt be part of a sound weight loss program. Improved posture, flexibility and an aerobic workout is also possible. Most students are interested in exercise first and then find the music, the movements, and the great fun enticing. No matter what age, shape, gender, height, this form of exercise is perfect for everyone!

Comments from beginning dance student, Maria de la O:


Wow I really enjoyed yesterday's class.  I want to clarify something I said yesterday so there is no disconnect.   I want to be a good belly dancer but also have fun and I can see that you do a de-stress technique.    Just this one class with you caused my confidence to go up.

Also, I made a comment about me being too old to dance in cafes.   I myself still do not have enough confidence to picture myself belly dancing in public. If I was 25 I would have done it, but now, I hesitate. This is why I want you to be my teacher. I struggle at times with the aging process especially in a society where we are devalued as older women.  My minor was in Women Studies so I should know better but I also deal with religious/cultural contraints that affect my view of myself as a liberated woman. These constraints tells us that as we age we must become more dignified and less noticeable. That sucks doesn't it?  For me, it's about opening up and finding freedom, not "being sexy".     If that is a by-product then cool, my partner will love it-he's encouraging me though he is still not quite sure about the public performance thing.  He 18 years my senior and is Chicano so, we'll see.  Hope that makes sense and I look forward to class next Thursday.  You are awesome, lady!!

Dear Maria de la O:
This IS a culture of youth worship and so your feelings are totally understood.  Gain the mind strength to just dance for joy, share the joy, .... and all the age, weight constraints will fall by the wayside.   There is a huge world out there looking for your special gift.  Don't worry so much about the outside package...think more about your Spirit and just dance for the fun & joy of it! 
Your friend in dance,

Ancient World Dance
By Amaya  © 2007

Call it whatever you like; Belly Dance, Earth Dance, Gypsy Dance, Arabic, Oriental Dance, Raks Sharqi, Lebanese, Turkish, Tribal, Urban, Gothic, Techno Fusion....all are correct and all are limiting.   To think that we dance with only our abdominals or bellies is like thinking ballet dancers only use their toes.  This misnomer “belly dance” works and isolates muscles all over the body---fingers, wrists, necks, ankles, pelvis, thighs, spine, arms, and... yes, the torso, too!  A total body workout!
Popular in America since the 1960s, dance classes have usually attracted middle-age women but now we see their daughters joining in!  Because of the dancing pop-star Shakira and also the fitness craze (even Brittany Spears has taken some lessons), BD teachers are finding their classes growing with younger women and the need for fresh music, costuming and more instructional dvds!  A teacher today must be proficient in anatomy, physiology, exercise terminology, know contraindications, music theory, choreographic skills, and much more to be successful.  Dance certifications, complicated and memorized choreographies, $1500 costumes, agents, trainers and marketing companies are all part of this modern day business.
Our dance is now without boundaries, countries, religions or borders. There are as many different styles of this dance as there are dancers.  Although it has Middle Eastern roots in origin, it has grown to encompass the industrialized world. It attracts and empowers women & girls of all ages and sizes to connect with their bodies, gain self-confidence and become spiritually strong. This centuries-old dance is being performed in Tasmania (I have personally taught 60 ladies there!) to Tijeras, New Mexico! Like other ancient arts such as yoga, a dance student will find herself glowing and resonating with women and sisters throughout the planet. Perhaps we should rename this phenomenon to something like "Ancient World Dance!" 


Phone: (505) 280.3638  or  

Email: AmayaDances@gmail.com